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Benefits of sleep: 7 things you should know

benifits of sleep
Sleep is important. Sleep is an investment in your future health and well-being. The benefits of getting enough sleep are numerous. With proper sleep, your body will be regenerated, your mind will be clear, and your immune system will function optimally. From improving your mood to aiding your cognitive performance, getting a good night's rest is critical for maintaining all-around...

How to sleep well: Tips to sleep well from a professional

sleep well is everyones motto
Sleeping well is vital for a healthy life, like healthy foods and exercise, but many don't get good sleep. Many of us have difficulty getting to good snooze, staying asleep throughout the night, or having a smooth awakening in the morning. Although we can manage poor-quality naps at night for a few days, continuing sleep-related issues are worrisome. These issues affect...