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Cardio workouts: 10 best weight loss exercises

A picture containing man doing a battle rope, a type of cardio exercise
Cardio workouts are the ultimate calorie burners when selecting the best weight loss exercises. Cardio exercises are a vigorous physical activity that significantly increases heart and respiration rate, so it is natural to burn many calories. But people always wonder what cardio exercises burn most of the calories. This list describes the 10 best cardio exercises for weight loss.Power walking Power walking is...

A Beginner’s Guide to Cardio Workout

A picture containing woman jumping up on a concrete or cement block to do cardio exercise
Cardio is shortened for a cardiovascular workout. It is also known as aerobic exercise. Any physical activity that increases the heart rate and respiration for a prolonged period can be considered cardio exercise. These exercises involve the vigorous movement of body muscles demanding extra oxygen. The increasing oxygen demand is provided by increasing the heart's pumping activity and increasing respiration. So,...