How to build a low cost home gym

Your busy lifestyle should not affect your workout routine. When you have the necessary equipment at your place, your life becomes easier.

Building a home gym is a new trend, and here is the complete guide to building a budget-friendly home gym.

Building a budget-friendly home gym

The first step of making your home gym is deciding the fitness goals. The goal can be doing cardio exercises or bodybuilding.

Once you decide, you can easily plan your home gym layout, capacity, and equipment.

You need a minimum of the following equipment in your home gym for the best results from your workout schedule.

How much does a home gym cost?

According to the gym membership cost 2021 analysis, the monthly fee was between $ 30 to $50, while the annual fee ranged from $400 to $575.

Your home gym can be built for around $1000. There are options to buy used equipment from the FB marketplace or Amazon. This DIY home gym can save you a decent amount of money over 5 years and your time.

Before buying equipment for the home gym

You need to consider the following before you move on.

  • Define your fitness goal. Unless you know what type of workout you will do, it is difficult to plan out what equipment is essential and what needs the priority. We are focusing on bodybuilding work out in this article.
  • Decide how much weight is enough for you. Using your maximum lifts, you can decide how much weight is enough for you because purchasing extra weight, in the beginning, might be hard on your budget. Gradually you can go for higher weight and this approach will not burden your pocket also.
  • Select the exercises most suitable for you. This is an important step because you are not going to purchase unwanted equipment. You can prioritize the equipment and decide when to purchase them.
  • Prepare the layout plan of your home gym. Before buying any exercise machine, it is important to have an idea about space availability. So that you can plan the type of equipment suitable for the gym.

Buying home-gym equipment

There are several factors to consider. You can either buy used ones or new equipment. The other option is to consider building your own gym equipment using DIY.

When you are on a budget and a newbie the best option is to go for used equipment. When buying used workout equipment like bikes, treadmills, and steppers, you just have to pay a fraction of the cost of brand-new pieces.

But buying used equipment is not a piece of cake. According to fitness trainers, you should follow these steps to buy used equipment:

  1. Make sure that the equipment you going to buy is used frequently. There is plenty of examples to show that many gym equipments are idling.  The best one is the treadmill. Before buying our feeling is that the treadmill is an essential piece in the gym or at home but most of them are just turned to become cloth racks.
  2. Do good research about the product. You need to compare the different brands and models. Their features and prices. What are warrantee and after-sales services offered?

Now there are many places to buy. You can buy them from the Facebook marketplace, Amazon or from a brick and motor store. However, you need to explore different brands and models before you do the purchase.

  1. Try before you buy. When you do that you can get an idea about the equipment and the type of exercise you can perform in it and it is particularly important for the newbies. This luxury is not there when you do an online purchase but you can still go to a shop and try it out even if you are going for an online purchase.
  2. Once all the criteria are fulfilled, do the purchase and start working out!

Building your gym equipment

Building your gym equipment is one of the effective ways to build a home gym on a budget. Several DIYs can help you build your favourite pieces of equipment.

For example, farmer’s walk bars can be built for under $100 with some pipe, screws, and recycled or store-bought wood.

Bulgarian training bags that were originally developed for wrestlers are now commonly used in gyms. Commercial Bulgarian bags cost somewhere around $120 but thankfully you can easily build them on your own.

Simply fill an old tire’s inner tube with some wood pellets and tie up this tube securely.

Some other gym equipment you can easily build at home are pull-up bars, sandbags, water balls, medicine balls, hand weights, an incline bench, and battle ropes.

The Bottom Line

Building a budget-friendly home gym is a good step toward saving your time, and money in the journey to improve your health. Following the steps highlighted in the article helps you to build a decent home gym at a lower cost. Buying used equipment or building gym equipment using DIY stuff is the most cost-effective way.

Make a plan, find suitable equipment and start working out to see how these type of types of equipment reshape your body.

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