Sexual Response Cycle: Everything You Need To Know

A better understanding of the sexual response cycle helps us to realize what happens within our bodies during sexual stimulation because having sex with your partners is one of the best feelings in the world. Sexual stimulation induces a sequence of changes in our bodies.

6 practical ways to improve sexual performance

Are you bothered about your performance in the bed and thinking of ways to improve sexual performance? If you are not lasting as long as you desire, you are not alone. Many men around the world look for effective ways that can help enhance their sexual performance.

6 surprising health benefits of sex

Sex is pleasurable as well as offers several health benefits, experts suggest. A good sexual relationship boosts your mental wellbeing, promotes immunity, makes you younger, is good for your heart, and helps you sleep better at night. In addition, sex facilitates intimacy with your partner.

6 effective tips to increase libido

No matter how you define sex, it’s a natural desire. The human body is designed for reproduction, so it makes sense that everyone is born with the desire to have sex and experience sexual satisfaction. But as we get older, many factors can cause our libido to suffer due to stress or a busy lifestyle. 

The top 8 benifits of regular physical exercise

Regular physical exercises improve your blood sugar control, weight, mental health, sex drive, bone health, lung capacity and more. Having known these facts, we still failed to engage in regular exercise most of the time. Inability to manage time is the biggest reason, while inadequate support and lack of facilities are other reasons.